Elizabeth Currie

Writer, Artist, Photographer


I have enjoyed several incarnations in my academic and working life: in archaeology, health studies and also social sciences, mainly conducted at the University of York. More especially I spent much of my life working in the archaeology and ethnohistory of South America and have published books and articles about my work there. I have also had the privilege of living with Andean Indian communities, filming and writing about their traditional way of life.

In recent years I took time out from my academic pursuits to develop my lifelong creative interests in painting, photography and writing - both fiction and non-fiction. I have written two full length novels: the first is the 16th century historical adventure and romance 'The Lady of Seville', which was researched in both Spain and in Ecuador; the second is 'An Indian Affair', inspired by my travels through India, followed by a period spent living in London.

Although travel is my real life passion, inspiring many of my creative undertakings, I also love smooth jazz, nice wine, zany people, the anarchic and the witty. I love vibrant cities and the wilderness equally.