Elizabeth Currie

Writer, Artist, Photographer


As a child I loved writing stories, a penchant that, for many years, found a rather rigid and formalised expression in the range of different academic reports and articles it fell to my lot to write.

I wrote my first full length novel - 'The Lady of Seville' - around five years ago, and the second - 'An Indian Affair' - just last year. For each I carried out a significant preparatory period of research, including travel to the relevant countries. My aim has always been to create credible characters who draw from and play into credible scenarios and contexts. For the historical novel 'The Lady of Seville', this required that I familiarise myself with the world of 16th century Spain and Spanish America. For 'An Indian Affair', to gain sufficient personal experience of Indian life and culture(s) and of the world of conservation; also to research the life and times of the British in India in the 1940s.

The travel writing section - 'Travel-logs' - documents just some of my personal travel experiences. Those presented here deal mainly with the time I spent living with an indigenous Andean family in the northern Andes of Ecuador, during 2005 and 2006. Other, shorter, vignettes are also presented.

Finally I have a section devoted to my poetry.