Elizabeth Currie

Writer, Artist, Photographer

Writing — Fiction

The Lady of Seville

It is the close of the hot summer of 1559 and Spain is at the height of its Imperial powers. Its treasure fleets ply the Spanish Main between the New World and Seville, laden with the gold and silver of vanquished Indian nations, whilst at home the all-powerful Inquisition jealously guards the nation's Faith.

Amidst the hothouse artifice of Seville's aristocratic salons, Doña Maria de Cavala's dreams of an ideal marriage to a young aristocrat are unexpectedly dashed when his father becomes the unwitting victim of a plot to ruin him and is condemned to death for heresy. Instead Maria must marry the baleful Alonso de Tordesillas – a corrupt soldier of fortune from the Indies. It is a union that will secure her family's wealth and prestige, but condemn her to certain misery. Appalled by this reversal of her fortunes, Maria renounces duty and honour and escapes to follow her former betrothed – the young Miguel Ortega– who has fled for his life to South America.

There, as Miguel struggles to make a new life for himself, his noble upbringing leaves him unprepared him for the harshness of the new world he now encounters. It is a world of guile, of graft and of the exploitation of weakness. A world where swift wits, a hard heart and skill in the bearing of arms alone determine a man's fortune. Can the love that María once felt for him survive these changes of fortune, or her growing fascination with the handsome Basque adventurer who has promised to be her escort?

'The Lady of Seville' is a sweeping adventure and a compelling and poignant love story, set against a backcloth of the turbulent clash of worlds, cultures and faiths that was 16th century Spain and Spanish America.

An Indian Affair

Salia Bennett is a successful freelance journalist and travel writer, living in Hampstead with her husband Matt – editor at a Bloomsbury literary agency. Ostensibly settled and happily married, Salia never questions the validity of her marriage, although it has been many years since she and Matt ever shared a bed.

Salia is commissioned to write an important new feature on conservation and tourism in India but, although once being the magical land of her childhood dreams, she arrives there to find a very different world, perplexing, frustrating and challenging. As she struggles to adjust and develop themes for her research, she meets with zoologist and wildlife photographer Sanjay Maneshinde, a charismatic, but difficult man. Across the course of the time they spend together in the Indian wilderness, and under the influence of such a different world, Salia is forced to confront the truth of her life and marriage, and her growing attraction for this man.

'An Indian Affair' explores the complex emotional and practical issues surrounding the dynamics of relationships: of long-term marriage, of love affairs and a woman's experience of these, both in the present and, too, in the world that was British India of the 1940s.