Elizabeth Currie

Writer, Artist, Photographer


Voyages et Images

An Exhibition of Paintings and Photographs by Elizabeth Currie at the Treasurer’s House, York:

6th November to 19th December 2010

Images Inspired by Travels in France, Spain and Scotland

This exhibition presents a selection of images drawn from themes of travels: in France (here of Paris); Spain (of Moorish influence) and also from one half of my ancestry, of Scotland. Other ‘images’ have been included, where appropriate, to complement these series.

This section 'Travel-logs' presents some of my personal views and experiences of people and places in recent years. The potential scope is very large, as I have travelled widely and lived and worked abroad over a long period of my life.

The series presented here offer vignettes of my experiences living with an Andean Indian family in the northern Highlands of Ecuador during 2005 and 2006. There are many others, however, and, in time, I hope to vary the material presented.